The Skydrowasher™ High Pressure Window Washing System is now available in standard widths of 5 feet and 9 feet. This automated window washing system cleans a high-rise building’s windows and exterior using high pressure water to “scrub” the surface from a distance of up to three feet. It is ideal for cleaning buildings with irregular window offsets, curves, recesses, overhangs, protrusions, inset glass, asymmetrical frames or other architectural features that make cleaning methods difficult if not impossible.

Weighing only 250 lbs, the new disc-shaped Skydrowasher™ System is a shell made of high impact plastic that houses rotating nozzles that deliver a 5 foot wide high pressure cleaning path. There are few moving parts and it does not require electricity to operate as it runs on water pressure alone. Because it’s so lightweight, it is easily transported and you do not need heavy-duty roof rigging.

The high pressure swivel nozzles will clean at an incredible rate of 5,000 to 6,000 square feet per hour. At this speed, the Skydrowasher™ System will pay for 100% of your investment within the first year. And, the Skydrowasher™ System is safer and easier use than manual scaffold and boatswain’s chair window cleaning equipment. See how the system works in the video.

A dual Skydrowasher™ System is also available in a standard width of 9 feet. This model has two cleaning discs that are side-by-side to give you twice the cleaning capacity. The dual disc model delivers a 9 foot cleaning path to clean at a rate of 9,100 to 10,000 square feet per hour.

The standard package includes the Skydrowasher™ System, a pump, hoist motor with wire winder to raise and lower the unit, a three arm outrigger and all hoses. You might consider adding a water filtration system. The water systems filters out all of the minerals and chemicals from the water so windows are left spot-free. If you do not want the standard package, you can purchase the Skydrowasher™ System alone or we can customize a package for you.

The new Skydrowasher™ High Pressure Window Washing System is easy to use and operate. Simply attach one end of the steel tether line to a hook on the unit and the other end to the three arm outrigger on the roof. Two nylon tether lines run through the frame on the sides of the disc. These are anchored to the ground using a weighted ballast cart. These tethers keep the Skydrowasher™ System from pushing away from the building during the high pressure cleaning. The operator on the roof raises and lowers the unit using the hoist motor. He also moves the unit and the rigging as each section is cleaned. A second operator on the ground also helps move the unit from section to section.

The Skydrowasher™ High Pressure Window Washing System delivers these benefits:

  • Save lives and prevent injuries.
  • Labor savings of 70-80%.
  • Reduce insurance liability insurance premiums.
  • Clean buildings with offsets, resets, protrusions, recesses or curvatures.
  • Clean windows and exteriors from up to 3 feet away (1 meter).
  • Transport easily from building to building.
  • Safely operate from the top of your building.
  • No rails or scaffolding needed – the system operates from a compact three arm roof rigging.
  • No electricity needed for the Skydrowasher™ System, you will need electricity on the rooftop only for the hoist motor and pump.
  • Uniform cleaning using only spot-free pure water.
  • Cleans much faster and better than hand washing.
  • Standard widths of 5 feet for single and 9 feet for dual. Custom widths available.

All SkyPro Window Systems are easy to maintain
The Skydrowasher™ System is one model in the Sky Pro line of window cleaning equipment. The simple, yet common sense design of all Sky Pro models allow the user to perform maintenance and repair quickly at a modest cost. For example, if the nozzle breaks, simply screw in a replacement. General maintenance is limited to periodic greasing of bearings, tightening of bolts and inspecting the steel tether cable for signs of stress. The high impact plastic shell is strong and lightweight.

Have a great ROI and reduce risk at the same time.
If you are an architect, building owner, window washing company, building management or maintenance company, you should seriously consider investing in the Sky Pro System. Eliminating the danger associated with manual window washing, combined with a reduction in labor and insurance costs of up to 80%, make Sky Pro System the next logical step in window and building washing. The Sky Pro System uses filtered water without any chemicals or soaps that can harm the environment.