We are very satisfied with the performance of the Sky Pro machine in Brazil. Our customers love the results, our employees love the safety and the easy handling. We are very excited to make this technology available in every city in Brazil. Partnering with Sky Pro was definitely the right decision. – Ademir Jeovanini, CleanServicos

We found that your method of cleaning is the most economical and safest system on the market.  Our 5 story building has been dirty for years and with your machine it was washed beyond our expectations, without inconvenience to our guests or to the operations of our building. – Rob Blakely, Chief Engineer, Hampton Inn

Your machine did an excellent job of cleaning the panels on our Government Center.  This was a big concern of ours not only from an environmental perspective, but also since the panels are made from a very soft material that could be easily damaged.    We anticipated chemicals would be our only option until you suggested we try demineralized water.  The results very impressive. – John Radermacher, Maintenance Engineer, Scott County Facilities Management

I have used the Sky Pro Mini with great success on buildings while I owned Clearly Windows.  We used the Mini on a variety of buildings and found the machine not only saved time but also also allowed buildings to be cleaned without the in-depth training required for Rope Descent.  We also used the Skydrowasher and found it to be an asset when cleaning buildings that needed substrates other than glass cleaned. – Michael J. Draper, Owner, Clearly Holdings Inc.

Having the opportunity to use the Sky Pro Mini on a variety of facilities has been beneficial,  I have completed window cleaning tasks three times faster than having two employees using Rope Descent Systems. – Jon Areguin, Owner, C-Thru Window Cleaning

We at 2 Broadway think that Sky Pro is one of the most ingenious pieces of equipment to be made available to building owners, managers, and cleaning companies.  It reduces the cost of window cleaning services dramatically.  In our case, close to $50k per year.  Our building is a 1.66M sq ft curtain-walled facade with a number of set backs.  It would take a full year for our regular window washers to complete two full window cleaning cycles off of the “house rig” scaffolding.  The Sky Pro machine can complete the cleaning in two – 6 week cycles.  I highly recommend this equipment. – Robert Thomson, Manager, 2 Broadway

Our curtain walls consist of three towers each 14 stories high.  We were very impressed with the quality of work the Sky Pro machine performed on the glass.  Sky Pro not only cleaned the window areas, but the corner frames and sides as well.  I would highly recommend this machine to any facility looking for a professional clean look on their buildings. – Michelle Zmuda, Property Management firm for HealthPartners Corporate office

We use Sky Pro on the General Mills building.  General Mills will only allow to use Sky Pro on their building for safety and cleaning reasons.  I feel Sky Pro works very well on this application. – Brian Skarsten, Window Division Manager, Final Touch by Marsden