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      • Reduced insurance premiums
      • Safely operated from roof top or ground
      • Cleans windows and frames
      • Windows stay cleaner longer
      • Easier to find and retain labor
      • Fast return on investment (ROI)
      • Cleans entire building for extended life
      • No chemicals required
      • No operator injuries


How many different SkyPro and Skydrowasher models are there?

There are over 40 different models with a variety of options that can be added to the basic models. All of these different models either fall into the brush SkyPro category, the high pressure "touchless" Skydrowasher, or the new BMU SkyPro for buildings over 60 stories tall.

What are the differences between the brush SkyPro units and the high-pressure Skydrowasher units?

SkyPro units clean by spraying filtrated water on the building just before the revolving brush makes contact with the windows and exterior. Because the brush makes contact with the building, the SkyPro is limited to cleaning generally "flat" buildings with recesses and protrusions of no more than 6 inches. Recesses and protrusions would include such things as overhangs, window frames and ledges.

Skydrowasher units, on the other hand, are designed to clean buildings which are not considered "flat" and have numerous protrusions and recesses. These protrusions and recesses in the building exterior are generally limited to a maximum of 1 meter. As the Skydrowasher passes over the building exterior, a high-pressure stream of filtrated water is delivered by either 2 or 4 turbo nozzles depending upon the Skydrowasher model. The p.s.i. rate can be adjusted by from 800 p.s.i. to 1400 p.s.i. and delivery can be from up to 1 meter away from the building exterior and windows.

Is filtrated water required to use either SkyPro or Skydrowasher?

No, SkyPro and Skydrowasher can be used to clean without filtrated water. However, to get a crystal clean "spot free" drying of the windows and exterior, a filtration system of some sort will probably be necessary. We recommend using D.I. (de-ionization) tanks which can be easily moved from building to building and can be rented from a local soft water company. In other cases, a combination of D.I. and R.O. (reverse osmosis) system can be purchased to filtrate the water.

What things are required on the roof to operate the SkyPro or Skydrowasher?

First, a 220 volt single or three phase outlet with adequate amperage is required on the roof deck. Secondly, a water tap is required; city water pressure is fine. Third, a rigging unit of some sort to raise and lower the cleaning unit. And lastly, a step-up pump to create high-pressure water for the Skydrowasher only. SkyPro does not use high pressure.

How many people are required to operate SkyPro and Skydrowasher units?

Usually two people are required to operate our equipment; one on the roof and one on the ground. The person on the roof will usually operate the rigging motor to raise and lower the SkyPro or Skydrowasher and move the rigging equipment laterally across the roof deck as each section is cleaned. The person on the ground will assist in moving the cleaning disc or brush from drop section to drop section and in some cases operate the rigging motor remotely via radio frequency.

Is a roof top rig or outrigger needed to operate the SkyPro and Skydrowasher?

Yes, a rigging unit of some sort is required to raise and lower all our cleaning units up and down the face of the building. Many times an existing hoist or crane on the building roof can be used to raise and lower the SkyPro machine. If there is not an existing rig on the building, a mobile outrigger can be brought to the building and used to raise and lower the SkyPro. The Skydrowasher requires a custom, 3-arm roof top rig which has been designed exclusively for use with only the Skydrowasher.  This rigging is included in the purchase price of every Skydrowasher and can also be taken from building to building.

Can SkyPro and Skydrowasher equipment be taken from building to building?

Yes, all of our equipment can be easily disassembled, loaded onto a truck towed trailer and taken from site to site. We recommend using a standard 14 foot long trailer which can either be open or closed.

Is it necessary to use either hot water or chemicals to clean the building windows and exterior?

No, the vast majority of buildings can be cleaned by simply using cold filtrated water with the SkyPro's revolving brush or the high-pressure water delivered by the Skydrowasher. If the building is extremely dirty you may have to clean each section a couple times. In unusual cases a hot water heater can be put "in line" to heat the water to remove stubborn stains. Likewise, an environmentally friendly detergent can be added "in line" to attack those stubborn stains.

Is it possible to provide the water source and electricity from the ground instead of the roof?

Yes, if either or both of these are available at street level, they can be sent up the building to the cleaning unit.  This may be advantageous if access to the roof is difficult or there is not a water tap or electrical outlet on the roof deck.  Keep in mind, however, it is always easier to pump water downhill as opposed to uphill; so the correct pump used at street level will have to be sized correctly.

When can I not use the SkyPro or Skydrowasher?

The use of our equipment is limited to weather conditions and good common sense. Generally speaking, if it is unsafe for manual window washers to go on a building, then in all likelihood, the SkyPro products should not be used. This would include pending thunderstorms, high winds, or the freezing temperatures.

What prevents the SkyPro and Skydrowasher from “wandering” away from the building?

For the Skydrowasher, optional rear mounted fans "push" the cleaning unit toward the building. In addition, two high tinsel nylon guidelines extend from the roof to the ground ballast cart. These guidelines pass through the rear mounted rack on the back of the Skydrowasher, thereby creating "rails" on which the Skydrowasher rides. These two devices keep the Skydrowasher parallel to the building and prevent it from wandering from side to side.

The SkyPro is kept parallel to the building by the use of a perfectly balanced counter weight system plus rear mounted electrical fans.

About Sky Pro Mini®

New "mini" automated window cleaning system is ideal for washing small and mid-height buildings.

Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System introduces a smaller, more affordable automated window and building washing solution for window cleaning services and commercial building owners.

Shakopee, Minn., January 25, 2013—Now there is a safe and inexpensive way to clean the windows, frames and exterior of buildings. It's called the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System, and it's a technological breakthrough in automated window and building washing equipment.

The newest model, Sky Pro Mini™ System, is a smaller more nimble version of the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System. It's completely portable and ideal for cleaning windows on small and mid-height buildings. This makes it the perfect size for buildings from 3 to 25 stories. Now, using this affordable automated system, a two-person operation can safely, quickly and profitably clean not only windows, but an entire building. It is much safer and easier to use than manual scaffold and boatswain's chair window cleaning equipment. See how the system works in these videos.

Weighing just over 100 lbs., The Sky Pro Mini™ System folds down for easy transport. It fits easily into the back of a pickup truck, or you can use the optional Sky Pro Mini™ trailer. Its removable transport wheels make maneuvering the unit fast and easy. So small, it fits through a single door. Its simple yet elegant design is completely modular, so parts are easily and quickly replaceable. Made of lightweight aluminum, it won't rust or corrode. If the wind is gusty, built-in stabilizers bars with foam balls reduce the likelihood of building damage.

The Sky Pro Mini's 40-inch self-cleaning quick-change brush cleans effectively while being gentle to all surfaces. The brush uses finger foam technology that keeps grit and dirt from becoming embedded in the brush. Optional on/off end brushes get into the inside/outside corners for a thorough clean. A dual motor design has one motor at each end of the brush bar. This design maintains brush torque and speed to assure an even cleaning motion. The unit cleans the whole building at a variable speed up to 30 linear feet per minute, translating to 25,000 square feet per day. It uses less than half a gallon of deionized or reverse osmosis water per minute and leaves a spot-free clean without chemicals.

There are two rigging choices. The smaller, parapet wall outrigger has two wheels that make moving the unit laterally easy. When there is sufficient roof area to maneuver, the larger, rolling outrigger option is a good choice as its four-wheeled aluminum stand functions like a crane to add stability and counterweight to the operation.

Because no people need be over the side of the building on scaffolding, ropes or boatswain's chairs, you can significantly save on liability insurance premiums.

A special lithium-ion battery delivers 8 hours of operation to power the Sky Pro Mini. Two batteries are included along with a quick charger that recharges a battery in 2 hours. The unit features an emergency stop button, 12-volt wireless remote to start and stop the brush rotations, and quick on- and off-connections. The unit is easy to set up and ready to work in minutes.

The Sky Pro Mini has a complete line of optional accessories available for an extra fee, including a small trailer that's perfect for hauling the unit behind pickups or cars; on/off end brushes to clean inside/outside corners; two extender brushes to lengthen the cleaning path; harnesses, rope grabs, tie-off ropes and safety cones. Order your model in your company colors with your company name, website and phone number on imprinted on the shroud.

The Sky Pro Mini ™ Window Cleaning System is the perfect automatic window washing solution for mid-height or lower buildings. For more information, visit

Download our Sky Pro® Mini Brochure (pdf):


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Sky Pro® Is the perfect Window & building Cleaning solution for building owners, building management companies, commercial window washers and building designers & architects. reduce your labor and insurance costs today with Sky Pro®!

And now there is an affordable and easy to use Sky Pro® product for small and midsize buildings; the Sky Pro Mini®!

Read on for more Mini information and then Contact Us to see how the Mini can save and make you money.


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